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Hosted Servers

Hosted Servers

Resilient, industrial-grade servers are expensive. They are designed for reliability. They have redundant components, so that failures don’t shut them down. They use special operating systems to maximise their usefulness and security. And they also need data backup and maintenance from professionals.

In short, if it’s a server good enough to trust your core business data with, it probably isn’t going to be cheap to buy, nor to run.

There are businesses that need on-site server hardware for a variety of reasons, but for many enterprises, cloud hosting is a highly cost-effective alternative.

It brings all the benefits of an industrial datacentre, such as increased resilience and security, but it’s affordable for businesses who don’t want or need physical server hardware.

We can host your own servers in the cloud, either in our own datacentre, or your premises, or, if you need exceptional performance, we can set you up with one of the high volume suppliers such as Amazon.

What can you host in the cloud?

Email Servers:

These can be for Microsoft Exchange, or more traditional systems. There are big advantages:

  • They remain securely accessible from anywhere with an internet connection,
  • They are easily backed up without a performance hit,
  • They can be quickly reconfigured to cope with changes in demand,
  • They can have huge capacity without taking up space or resources on your own premises.

Application Servers:

If you have a server-based application you can easily move it to the cloud. You’ll gain resilience and flexibility. Access for users will be identical in all locations, including for both “hot-desking” offices and remote working staff. Cloud-based servers were made for this!

Web Servers and E-Commerce:

Cloud-based servers were made for this too. Small sites have been cloud-based since the start of the web, but there are big advantages for high-traffic sites, too.

Choosing a cloud server physically close to the internet’s backbone gives outstanding performance, but at relatively modest cost and still with the ability to automatically configure-in extra processor power as it’s needed. Traffic spikes can be handled in split seconds, far more cost-effectively than holding the necessary hardware in reserve yourself, and with no nasty surprises if your connectivity provider cannot provide the bandwidth you need.

This is ideal for internet-based businesses, especially those making heavy use of social media to drive traffic to their sites. Sudden success needn’t be penalised by queues of frustrated web site visitors!

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