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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Business IT requirements vary greatly and a hosting solution that works for one may not be right for another. That’s why we offer bespoke hosting services, also known as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). We are experts in understanding your exact business needs and tailoring a solution to meet them to ensure maximum productivity with best value for money.

Moving to the cloud provides your business with:

  • Flexibility to scale up (and down)
  • Substantial upfront cost savings as no large investments in hardware
  • No geographical restrictions for employees

If you think your IT infrastructure has always been too complex to migrate completely to the cloud then get in touch! We have experience in creating complex, bespoke hosting infrastructures meeting all of your requirements.

A Hybrid Approach

If your business only requires a simple infrastructure (e.g. Just email and file storage) then migrating to an ‘off the shelf’, public cloud service such as Office 365 may be all you need, and many businesses will have already made this move. However, an increasing number of businesses have more demanding business applications which aren’t web enabled, such as Sage 200 or an on premise Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. As a result businesses still have hardware on site that needs to be managed, supported and backed up.

We can solve this!

Bristol IT Company can create a bespoke hosting environment using a hybrid approach to move everything to the cloud and on a similar infrastructure. We have experience in setting up complex IT infrastructures hosted within our UK data centre, creating your own bespoke hosting solution. What’s more if you require a solution that combines this with public cloud services (e.g. Office 365) then no problem, we have extensive experience in doing just that! As a result, all of your business-critical systems and applications are hosted in the same environment, managed by one single IT provider with the same level of resilience, security and support.


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