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Private Cloud Platforms

What is a private cloud?

A private cloud is simply your own cloud solution that only you (and those authorised by you) can access and use.

A public cloud, where an independent third-party provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) owns and maintains the resources, provides an infrastructure that is shared by multiple customers across the internet.

This independence makes private cloud solutions a far more secure solution than public cloud options: you remain in complete control, all the time.

Why do I need a private cloud?

If you have rapidly changing or unpredictable computing needs and want direct control over your IT solutions – to meet security, governance or regulatory compliance for example – then your own private cloud solution is ideal.

And it is probably a lot less expensive than you might think.

Private hosting with us: a half-way-house

Many clients take advantage of Bristol IT Company’s secure datacentres and fast internet connections to host their private cloud servers. This is an excellent way of building resilience into your IT infrastructure, for example with a backup server located with us and your main server on your site. In the event of a problem, your business continues unaffected.

If the majority of the network clients are remote, for example remote-working staff or a sales force on the road, it can make sense to reverse the roles, with the main server in our datacentre, to take full advantage of our fast internet connections.

In either case, any routine maintenance requiring machine downtime can be accomplished without any interruption to normal service, reducing the need for out-of-hours work (with associated costs).

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