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Internet Connectivity

Business Internet Connectivity

We have 28 years’ experience providing Internet connectivity, for small businesses right through to multinationals. Our interactions with Internet service providers have enabled us to develop a deep understanding of how their circuits work, and who to use (and to avoid!).

We are partners with many major UK Internet service providers and carriers, and this gives us the flexibility to pick and choose between them, obtaining the most cost effective and reliable connectivity for our clients.

Why such a range? Getting the best fit is more than just finding the lowest price:


Different providers serve different places, and offices in city centres usually have far more options available than rural ones do. Most providers will quote you in most places, but some are probably a poor choice even if they are big brands.

Service Resilience

If you can operate with occasional outages, there are probably cheaper deals available than if you need rock-solid Internet access all the time. We can help you choose sensibly, and ensure you’re not locked into an unsuitable contract (either too expensive or too cheap!).

Contention and Throttling

This can be a real problem, the resource-sharing issues that blight domestic Internet connectivity are rapidly becoming a nuisance in commercial connectivity too. Not all fibre connections are the same!

Why choose Bristol IT Company?

In densely-packed commercial areas (such as central Bristol), some ISPs simply don’t have the bandwidth to supply all their clients with all the bandwidth they want all of the time. Resources are shared, just as they are on densely-packed housing estates. Beware: cheap fibre deals can be cheap for good reasons!

We also know exactly how to select and manage circuits to give you the best combination of data, voice and media streaming within the same connection, and a high quality of service for each.

So don’t tie yourself into a three-year contract without talking to us – we can still help you choose the best connection for your business, even if we don’t supply the connection ourselves.

See what we can do for you today!

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