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IP Telephony

What is Telephony?

IP Telephony is simply using the internet to carry your telephone calls rather than the traditional telephone network.

Keeping separate telephone systems and IT infrastructure is as wasteful as it is old fashioned! With IP telephony, your telephone calls will be carried on your IT network which means that you don’t have to have dedicated phone cabling. It also makes IT support easier, which reduces downtime and cost.

Benefits of IP Telephony

  • Scalable: With your phone systems running as part of your IT network and using the internet, you’ll be able to easily set up secure extensions anywhere you may need them.
  • Save money: Compared to a traditional phone system you’ll also save money on line rentals and call costs (for typical clients, payback is measured in months!).
  • More features: Includes caller ID services and integrated contact management software (the phone knows who’s calling, before you answer, and your PC shows you the account details).
  • Integration: Integrate your mobile devices – laptops, tablet/iPad devices, ordinary phones, laptops, etc. seamlessly with the office network and phone system
  • Operate out-of-hours numbers as if you’re in the office.
  • Automatically charge calls to cost centres or client accounts.

We specify, supply, install and support modern IP telephony systems. These are more cost-effective, more flexible, and far better suited to modern business demands.

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