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Wireless Systems for Business

We can solve complex WiFi problems

If you need something more sophisticated than domestic WiFi, we probably have the solution for you. Organisations come to us when they have the below problems or requirements

  • Large public areas of business premises,
  • Awkward floorplans,
  • Multiple WiFi networks without interference,
  • High speed AND many users simultaneously,
  • Integration with existing WiFi,
  • Outdoor coverage including loading bays, outbuildings, etc.,
  • Firewalled-off WiFi for public or visitor access,
  • Seamless coverage without dropouts and dead spots,
  • Comprehensive WiFi client management, logging and issue reporting,
  • Common user accounts and credentials for all forms of network access.

We are experts in managed solutions

Merely providing device connectivity is only the starting point for a commercial installation. Networks must be optimised for capacity and performance. Devices and their users must be managed (“Mobile Device Management, MDM”), security and traffic monitoring are essential, and ideally the wireless environment itself (not just the network) must be monitored too, to detect performance inhibitors and threats such as rogue access points and unsanctioned personal hotspots. All this demands far more complex solutions than the video streaming and gaming requirements of domestic WiFi.

Got a truly awkward WiFi problem? Bristol IT Company has the expertise you need.

We are vendor-agnostic

Different WiFi products from different vendors have different strengths. The best unit for a specific task depends on the network hardware you already have, the firewalls, managed routers, and so on, and even the physical layout of your premises.

We are channel partners with three of the biggest and best brands, SophosCisco, and HP-Aruba. This allows us to offer not just state-of-the-art technology, but the most appropriate solution for your specific requirements.

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