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Hybrid Cloud

What is a Hybrid Cloud solution?

A hybrid cloud solution involves combining your on-premise, private cloud and public cloud services that your business requires. By using this integrated solution you can reap the benefits of all four solutions.

Is a Hybrid Cloud right for you?

For organisations with complex infrastructures, adopting just one Cloud solution isn’t suitable. For example if you use public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Office 365, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform but also have ERP systems that require a private cloud solution then a hybrid cloud architecture is required. If part of your business requires you to store sensitive data (perhaps financial or customer information) then this is best done in your own private cloud however the rest of your applications may be suitable for hosting in the public cloud.

Perhaps your organisation wants to move to the Cloud but isn’t ready or isn’t sure about the benefits of migrating everything at once. A hybrid approach allows you to keep some of your hosting on-site and other elements on a public and/or private cloud. You can see what works for you and even choose to migrate everything off site later on.

As with anything hybrid you get the ‘best of both worlds’, why confine yourself to one solution?

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