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Access Control

Access Control

We sell, configure and install access control systems. They are also available from us as a managed service.

Never mind the effects of theft and intruders to the business, areas never previously thought sensitive, such as record archives, now need additional, auditable protection.

In the event of a security breach, you may need to be able to prove that records you are responsible for have been kept secure. For 2018 and beyond that means paper, microfiche and other archival storage, not just computer data!

We already have access control with our premises lease – why do I need more?

You probably need control of your own security, not, in effect, delegating it to someone else!

The building’s security system is primarily there for the building owner, and not for the tenants. If you do trust your landlords’ access system, you are also trusting them to vet the cleaners, maintenance staff, and everyone else who could use their access system to enter your premises.

Having your own system puts you back in control of your own security. This can be implemented inexpensively, and without interfering with the building system in any way.

Why Bristol IT for Access Control?

We can integrate access monitoring with the IT systems in place for server protection, and firewall and email monitoring. Keep tabs on your physical and “virtual” entryways in the same system, if you wish to.

You can also have simple customised functions, such as access reports by individual or by business department, things your building’s owners probably aren’t interested in doing for you. If staff leave, you can block access both physically and virtually, faster than it would take the building management to respond to your email!

Good access control isn’t expensive, but it is something that generates revenue for building owners, and even then, their service may not meet your business need. We can offer effective, joined-up solutions, and you may be surprised how little they actually cost.

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