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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems allow you to integrate the management of your core business processes. This gives improved process flow (faster and with less administration overhead), and better management information (faster and with fewer errors).

It’s the underlying technology that gathers the raw data for management information systems (MIS), and can extend to areas such as human resources, all aspects of procurement and supply chain management, production, project planning and implementation, and management accountancy.

In addition to data gathering, the best ERP systems include best-practice workflows. These improve productivity and help enormously with regulatory compliance (such as GDPR), by standardising processes.

Standardised interchange of data between ERP modules means that not only is management information easier to collect and present, but important, high-volume business processes, such as order processing, production, supply chain management and internal accounting can be more efficient and with fewer errors.

Bristol IT Company support a range of ERP systems, and we will work with your ERP vendor to ensure a seamless installation, configuration and implementation across your network.

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