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IT Support

IT Support

For many years we have provided contracted-out desktop support for our clients. We call it that, but it has long included supporting remote working, and staff-owned devices such as mobiles and tablets (BYOD).

As well as support itself, statistics from our helpdesk are available to clients, together with full incident documentation. Individual users can raise support tickets by phone or secure email.

In common with industry best practice, a very high proportion of issues are resolved entirely remotely, which is fast and efficient for both our clients and ourselves.

Our desktop support services are also fully integrated with our other monitoring tools, enabling us to be highly proactive and to communicate quickly and efficiently with users in the event of issues such as infrastructure or server problems. We also provide patch and update distribution as standard, encryption management, and hardware repair and replacement (dependent on contract).

This is not theoretical: We have had clients whose staff travel globally, carrying and gathering what, commercially, is extremely sensitive information. We have proven able to diagnose and fix issues whilst they are still on a different continent, and by implementing rigorous secure backup alongside device strong encryption, even device theft and accidents have avoided significant data loss.

We have developed our own in-house support management and ticketing systems which enables our support engineers to accurately record the work that is carried out supporting our clients’ IT infrastructure by the minute. With this in place, customers never pay for support that they don’t use.

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