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Monitoring of servers, infrastructure and other business-critical endpoints is vital to ensure early warning of issues, before they turn into problems. It’s a core activity for proper IT management, and a core part of all Bristol IT Company’s managed IT offering.

Monitoring servers on your network

For both physical and virtual machines, we keep tabs on:

  • Server loading by number of users, network traffic, etc.,
  • Memory usage,
  • Storage performance, including RAID and individual storage units,
  • Temperature and power,
  • Individual server network performance,
  • Cluster performance metrics (where applicable).

Depending on the hardware in use, we monitor other relevant data too, such as backup system performance. Modern hardware is capable of giving many early warnings of problems, long before they become issues to system users. We are highly proactive, leading to very high levels of availability, achieved very cost-effectively.

Server security is a matter of increasing concern, with attacks often originating inside the company infrastructure rather than from outside. We are able to detect suspicious activity, for example end-users trying to access areas they are not authorised to, and these can be blocked (and trigger security alerts) automatically.

Monitoring infrastructure and network performance

As a matter of course, we monitor the health and security of our clients’ networks. Peaks in network traffic are analysed, and used to improve network performance. In times of high load, business-critical traffic can be given higher priority, and, if resources are cloud-based, extra bandwidth can be added seamlessly, for example to commerce and other high demand websites.

Internet access is critical to most businesses nowadays. We can detect connectivity issues at an early stage, and act on what we see. For example, this allows us to change the balance of traffic flow between several internet connections, or switch over altogether in the event of a connectivity failure.

Of course we cannot predict the clumsy man-with-a-digger, but we can stop him spoiling your entire business day!

Monitoring printers and telephony

Most businesses still need to print, fax and make voice calls using traditional methods. For clients of our Total Business Support package, we monitor the health of all those systems proactively. We can ensure printers have paper and ink supplies available, and that they remain healthy, similarly with fax applications and telephony switches.


Our clients vary in how much information they want about their IT systems. Many are happy to just leave it to us, but if you want detail and statistically valid data, we will have it available for you. We keep it ourselves too, so that we can best advise you, for example regarding resource planning.

It’s worth mentioning here that some of our competitors like to make a big fuss about their proactive (“predictive”) support, spotting issues and fixing them before they become problems.

There’s no magic in this! We see the same data sets they do, and we do just as much proactive maintenance (we can show you the statistics to prove it). The difference is probably that we consider this routine, rather than exceptional. You probably do too.

If rushed, then DASH!

For an executive overview, our unique DASH app securely shows live status of business-critical items, such as remote site connectivity, either on a monitor or your mobile.

You see what we see—and of course we’ll already be across any problem!

monitoring DASH app

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