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New Software Development Office: BIThub Lancaster


New Software Development Office: BIThub Lancaster

Unbeknown to many, although our headquarters are in Bristol and a high proportion of our customers reside here too we also have offices in London, Cardiff and Swindon. We also have remote workers who span across the country and we are pleased to announce the opening of our new Software Development Office in Lancaster – BIThub.

BIThub is managed by one of our senior developers who is based in Lancaster and has plans to put together a team of developers to participate in the local and national development projects. Based in Lancaster University’s world-class research, development and business centre InfoLab21, BIThub presents an exciting opportunity for graduates of the University and surrounding areas to be part of a new exciting team and have a real input in the growth of this branch of the business. BIThub is backed by Bristol IT Company’s values of expertise, innovation and understanding. 

A note from Dr Neil Dullaway, Head of Partnerships & Business Engagement, Lancaster University: 

“Lancaster University is pleased to welcome Bristol IT’s new software development hub into our world-class research, development and business centre at the School of Computing and Communications. Working with Bristol IT’s ‘BIThub’ will offer collaboration opportunities in research and in providing students with industry experience in a growing team that’s backed by a well-established IT company.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about our career opportunities at BIThub Lancaster come visit our stand at the Lancaster University careers fair on Wednesday 13th November or take a look at our Graduate Software Developer vacancy.

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