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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Bristol IT Company Limited is committed to continued quality enhancement by defining and reviewing internal testing and quality assurance procedures for existing as well as new products and services. This is done with a view to providing a professional and efficient service to meet all the requirements of our customers.

Responsibility for quality control is assigned to each section manager where in-process quality control and testing procedures appropriate for each section are defined and statistical methods used to monitor and improve quality. This approach is adopted when working with internal procedures and processes as well as those relating to customers and suppliers.

Our primary requirements for quality control are these:

  • Compliance with standards.
  • Meeting customer requirements.
  • Enhancing the reliability of products and services.
  • Training staff in quality requirements.
  • Ensuring suppliers’ and sub-contractors’ products and services meet specified requirements through quality testing.
  • Applying document control and change management.
  • Improving internal procedures.
  • Setting of quality objectives.

Our quality management system is monitored regularly under top management’s ultimate responsibility, through regular reporting of its status and effectiveness at all levels of the company.

Rev. 1.02 27/09/2017