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Cyber Security Concepts

The battle between cyber-villains and security providers could be compared to an arms race: each new type of attack is worse than the last, and needs effective countermeasures. Some security providers have good defences; some only say they do.

Fast detection of new threats and effective responses are both vital: it will be the virus previously unheard-of that gets through, not any well-known one. So the security tools and partners of Bristol IT Company are chosen with great care.

Most of our own security services are an integral part of Bristol IT Company’s Managed Support offerings, but what follows may explain why we recommend what we do.

What is Endpoint Security?

It is impossible to stop attacks from criminals, but it is very practical to prevent those attacks from actually causing harm.

A crucial part of a defensive strategy is endpoint security: detecting and neutralising threats that might travel as far as users themselves. Well-publicised recent phishing attacks gained hold in organisations such as the NHS in part because endpoint security was insufficient. As a number of large institutions found out, simply having a good firewall was not enough to protect them.

Endpoint security is a complex area in its own right, including virus scanning, as well as the quarantine of malicious email, and detecting unauthorised network activity, perhaps caused by a “Trojan” program having been installed on a machine. We have effective tools available and can advise on an effective strategy for your business.

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