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IT Security

Cybersecurity needs to be a top priority for any business using IT. Core elements of IT security include endpoint protection (also known as Antivirus), Firewalls and Email scanning. Just one breach in an organisation can lead to huge financial losses as well as damage to reputation and loss of trust. What’s more, GDPR requires you to have security measures in place to protect personal data. 

Synchronised Security

Traditionally organisations use many different suppliers for different security components. This is usually because requirements have been ad-hoc and often in response to a breach.

This approach is now old fashioned as Cyber criminals are getting smarter. Now multiple technologies can be used to attack multiple areas of your IT. This means your IT security needs to work as a system and cover all the bases.

Sophos have developed Synchronised Security to combat these increasingly smarter cyber attacks. The three core elements of synchronised security are:

  • Product Integration: the products work together to improve your protection i.e. malware is detected on an endpoint and this information is passed to the firewall which isolates the endpoint to prevent further spreading
  • Breadth of Protection: all the protection you need in one system
  • Management Efficiency: manage all your security solutions through the Sophos Central platform (of course BITC can look after this for you)

So protect your business with security solutions from our award-winning partner and take back control of your IT.

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