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There are many ways that cyber criminals will try to penetrate your business in order to:

  • record your keyboard keystrokes to catch banking details, etc. so that they can steal your money,
  • install malicious software on your machines, to take control of them for their own, criminal, purposes,
  • gain access to your network to steal information, typically your intellectual property, customer and staff records, to enable identity theft initially, followed by fraud and theft soon after.

How do I protect my organisation from these threats?

It’s relatively simple, when done properly. The solution is to install an antivirus solution on all of your computers and servers and ensure that it is automatically kept up to date for maximum protection.

At Bristol IT Company we work with two leading antivirus providers to keep your IT networks secure:

  • ESET provide above-average protection against security threats. Their products are low cost, highly configurable, has a minimal effect on the performance of your IT systems and offers an “expert level” of control.
  • Sophos’ solutions provide tight integration of antivirus protection with their firewalls, unified threat management appliances (UTMs) and other hardware security devices.Intercept‑X, in particular, takes endpoint protection (including antivirus) to an unprecedented level, using unique deep-learning technology. It is the only solution presently available that can block previously unknown attack vectors, before they can damage a target. Intercept‑X’s integration with Sophos’ UTMs Firewalls means immediate and secure isolation of an attacked device from the network, whilst still allowing other systems to function normally.

Email Filtering

How much unwanted email does your business receive? How much does it cost in staff time to deal with it? How much of that unwanted email contains phishing messages, and can you afford for any of that to get through?

We offer a variety of email filtering products, to match your email setup and infrastructure. This includes filtering for Exchange and Office 365. These products include antivirus checking and quarantine capabilities too. Even if you are sent a virus by a business partner it should be detected and neutralised before it can do harm.

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