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Email Security

Email Security

Emails are one of the most common methods for a cyber attack – making Email Security crucial. Most people will have encountered a phishing email at some point in their lives. Phishing is the method by which cyber criminals try and trick you into giving away information such as passwords or credit card details in an email. See our post ‘Phishing, spear phishing and whaling’ to find out more about the different methods of email cyber attacks.

Bristol IT Company recommends Sophos for Email Security. Their email scanning uses artificial intelligence to block known (and unknown!) threats in emails and ‘quarantines’ them before they land in your inbox. Having email scanning in place removes some of the responsibility of employees for being able to spot these scam emails. We are inundated with emails everyday in business and personal life and cybercriminals are taking advantage of the fact that we don’t always have time to scan every email. 

Trust your inbox again with predictive cloud email security from Sophos.

There are two levels of email scanning – standard and advanced depending on the level of protection you need:

Protection and Management Email Standard Email Advanced
Inbound Message Scanning y y
Outbound Message Scanning y y
Domain / Group / User Policies y y
Admin and User Quarantine y y
Admin Allow / Block Lists y y
On-prem AD Sync or Azure AD Sync y y
24/7 Emergency Inbox y y
Anti Spam & Antivirus Filters y y
Inbound SPF, DKIM and DMARC y y
Time-of-Click URL Protection y
Sophos Sandstorm y
Impersonation Protection y


Impersonation Protection

Cybercriminals have become smarter with their phishing emails, making them look even more like they’re from a reliable source. The Impersonation Protection feature provides additional, in-depth analysis of inbound emails. Find out more about this new feature in a recent post.

Remember, technology can’t spot everything so your employees still need to be savvy to what a scam email looks like. As part of our Security eLearning Program we offer an Information Security Awareness course which can help train your staff on how to spot a scam email

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