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Encryption Services

What is Encryption for?

It can be surprising how much encryption and related techniques are necessary to modern life. They provide the security and uniqueness, used for communications across the internet (ensuring packets of data don’t get intercepted or read by someone they’re not intended for), in mobile telephony and WiFi, and obviously for securing data wherever it’s stored, especially on mobile devices and desktop computers.

The heart of computer encryption is complex mathematics, and that is largely hidden from sight, but occasionally you’ll see references to algorithms and key length, and often the left end of the URL you are visiting on the Web will turn green or blue, to indicate the site uses strong encryption.

For the web, email and e-commerce

If your business involves working with sub-contractors, third parties, the MOD or other government departments, your processes might need a stringent audit trail, or assured confidentiality, or to demonstrate a high level of security.

We have long experience with clients who require reliable and exceptionally secure communication across the internet. We can set up your communications so that you can (if you choose) encrypt email messages and digitally sign and timestamp them.

We are experts in setting-up and maintaining secure web sites and web services (apps delivered via the web). We install and maintain site and domain certificates and the cryptology associated with them.

For portable devices and desktop PCs

We recommend and deploy enterprise-wide encryption solutions for Windows PCs, Apple MacOS and iOS, Android and other systems. We can manage your keys for you, so there is no danger of access to data being accidentally lost, yet data on any stolen devices is still cryptographically protected.

Our encryption credentials

encryption credentials ISO 27001

All our staff are security vetted, and we operate to ISO 27001, the standard for secure data management processes.

And, in the context of GDPR: you probably already know what your organisation needs to do to comply. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to make the technical parts work as you need them to, both for the legal requirements, and so that your use of strong encryption doesn’t impede your business processes in any way.

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