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Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Security

Controlling the uncontrollable?

There’s no getting round it: in the modern enterprise, mobile devices must be able to connect to resources inside the company. Obviously that needs to be secured communication, and safe, in that any company data on the device must only be accessible to whoever is authorised to use it.

But devices break, and get stolen, or even just thrown away when they get too out-of-date, and worst of all, the company often doesn’t even own the devices that line managers want their staff to use.

Without the right tools in place, a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy can bring continuous headaches for even the best IT department, and it’s a potential legal minefield if anything goes wrong. Doing it right needs a clear strategy, and the right business partner with the right know-how and technology to make it happen.

Bristol IT Company is that partner. We have many years’ of experience in setting up just the sort of systems businesses need, using the very best, and crucially, the most appropriate device management technologies available.

Mobile Device Management

Many of our clients are using BYOD solutions from us, flexibly and securely integrated into their normal business processes. The technologies we use have sophisticated management capabilities, including:

  • Seamless integration of company-owned and BYOD devices,
  • Access restrictions to maintain network and data security,
  • BYOD device audit and remote management,
  • GDPR audit for mobile devices,
  • Secure and fully encrypted areas in mobile device storage,
  • Remotely-controlled wiping of lost or stolen devices,
  • Backup of company data held on remote devices,
  • Antivirus scanning, and app download blocking.

Some or all of these things, integrated with system-wide security policies, ensure that you get the benefit of mobile device use, whilst minimising* the headaches.

Beyond the network: fully harnessing the power of mobiles

This isn’t really security, but it can give you crucial competitive advantage: we have long experience in developing applications that make best use of mobile devices, and integrating mobile platforms into existing business applications and processes.

At the simplest level, this includes alerting by SMS (messaging), fully integrated calendaring and conferencing, and process management tools to allow key metrics to be securely checked without the need to be desk-bound. More complex uses include imaging, bar code recognition (as part of a larger process), and GPS-enhanced location and mapping services.

Mobiles are extraordinarily capable devices (they’re even being used as cheap micro-spacecraft by NASA!), and the limits are only bounded by the imagination. Obviously, if you have an application, talk to us, as we can probably make it reality.

*We say “minimising” because even we can’t eliminate every possible issue that arises from mobile device use – the only tricks are preparedness and vigilance. We’re very good but we’re not omnipotent, quite yet anyway!

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