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Sophos is a long-established, industry-leading security software and hardware company its state-of-the-art Intercept X endpoint protection and threat analysis tool has no equal anywhere in the industry. Recently, Cyberoam was acquired by Sophos too, and have merged their products into the Sophos family.

We are proud to be both Sophos Gold Partners and Cyberoam Gold Partners.These relationships reflect our expertise in cyber security, and especially with Sophos’ industry leading security tools.

We have a longstanding commitment to both Sophos product lines, as we have identified them as best-in-class in an environment of increasing threat. Our team includes Sophos Certified Engineers (SCEs)Sophos Certified Architects (SCAs) and Sophos Certified Sales Consultants (SCSCs), who can fully support and specify Sophos hardware and software.

If you have any support or pre-sales Sophos issues, we have the experts to solve them!

Truly Effective Products for all Security Tasks

Network and infrastructure protection

  • XG-series high-throughput firewalls for perimeter defences
  • A range of UTM appliances, combining firewalls with email filtering and virus scanning,
  • Secure web gateway: Fast, remotely monitored, and applying protection even for remote workers,
  • Secure email gateway: Available as a cloud service or as an appliance, and with extensive sandboxing an alerting.

End user and server protection

    • Endpoint protection: appliance or cloud-based, one-stop protection
    • SafeGuard encryption: centrally-managed, robust and fully portable encryption tools for a GDPR-compliant future.
    • Intercept X: much more than endpoint protection, including pre-emptive “deep learning”
    • Sophos mobile: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), secures and protects corporate data held on mobile devices, without intruding on personal privacy.

Security management

  • Sophos Central: brings all security management tasks into one central, easily used console, available anywhere it needs to be.

Extend the Life of your Cyberoam Hardware!

Whilst Cyberoam products have been discontinued by Sophos, that doesn’t mean they’re orphans.

Most Cyberoam appliances are fully compatible with Sophos Central management console, and, crucially, Cyberoam firmware can be upgraded to current Sophos firmware instead. This reflects Sophos’ strong commitment to its existing customer base, and allows Cyberoam users to take full advantage of Sophos’ latest technology, such as the ability of Intercept X to integrate with network protection appliances to instantly isolate any endpoint when a threat is detected (thus preventing spread across the network).

The savings can be significant: there is no need to remove the appliance from service long-term, nor to alter the network architecture to accommodate a new appliance. And obviously no need to buy unnecessary replacement hardware!

We offer both consultancy and an upgrade service for existing Cyberoam users. Not all hardware is suitable—there may be issues with older or smaller Cyberoam boxes—but we can advise you as to the most cost-effective approach, and upgrade your Cyberoam hardware for you.

Sophos Products

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