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Vulnerability Scanning

What is vulnerability scanning?

Vulnerability scanning, sometimes referred to as Penetration testing involves testing a computer system, network or web application in search of security vulnerabilities which could be exploited in a cyber attack. This practice is sometimes called ‘ethical hacking’ as it is in effect trying to hack your IT to find weak spots. To give a real world example, it would be like trying to break into a Bank to test its security measures.

How does it work?

With our vulnerability scanning service all you need to do is provide us with the IP address/addresses your organisation uses and we can run it through a tool that looks at:

  • What ports (services) are open to the public
  • If a port/service is open, what version of software it is running (if possible), and thus if there are any security concerns
  • Recommendations and remediation in order to solve issues highlighted during the scan

And much more!

A RAG (red,amber,green) report is then generated highlighting your potential risks ranging from Low to Critical. The report also uses the CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) to rate the severity of each risk – this is the same system used by PCI-DSS compliance scans.

Using our vast knowledge and experience we can then use this report to make the necessary improvements to your IT to make sure your business is as secure as you can be.

What’s more, to achieve Cyber Essentials certification, you must perform this scanning on any external facing addresses that your office uses – this is because it allows you to spot weaknesses in your defences. Bristol IT Company is certified under the Cyber Essentials scheme and can support your business in becoming certified.


For £200 you will get:

  • Scanning of up to 4 IP addresses
  • One overview report (or detailed report) per address
  • One free re-scan of the same IP addresses (i.e. for remediation)

Don’t wait until a cyber attack compromises your organisation to improve your IT security, let us run a vulnerability scan for you and put in place the necessary preventative measures.

See what we can do for you today!

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