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Developing future proof software is one of the core fundamentals of what we do. Making sure the software we create works for clients in the long term.

Our business originated in software development over twenty five years ago, and our work today still includes many projects going far beyond simple IT support.

We have made applications for one of the biggest US software houses in the industry. We continue to develop databases and applications for market-leading clients across B2B, retail and sports organisations.

We’re not limited to desktop or mobile applications, although we regularly do these things. In the past our developers have designed market-leading hardware/software solutions for specialist video-processing applications. We’ve also brought our own video editing tools to market.


  • Android, iOS, Linux and Windows platforms and environments
  • Embedded systems development
  • Applications
  • Machine control, CNC modules etc.


  • Support from the person who wrote the code
  • Highly trained developers
  • Commitment to future development
  • PRINCE2 qualified staff for larger projects

BIThub Lancaster

BIThub Lanc is our new software development hub based in Lancaster University BIThub Lanc and managed by one of our senior developers. BIThub presents an exciting opportunity for graduates of the University and surrounding areas to be part of a new exciting team and have a real input in the growth of this branch of the business.

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