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Data Conversion and Migration

Most businesses rely on at least one database for their day-to-day running. You might use Microsoft Access or its big brother, SQLServer. You might use the open source version, MYSQL.

You might be using a database without realising it if you have a CRM system that stores client and supplier data, records your communications with them, manages your sales funnel and much more.

We are database experts, whether it’s helping you to build a database to enable you to better manage your business or help you move from one database system to another (implementing a new CRM solution, for example).

Data Migration

If you need to move data…

  • from old hardware to new,
  • from one database platform to another,
  • from one application’s proprietary database to a new application,
  • from one vendor to another,

… please talk to us about the problem!

Especially if you’ve been told that it’s expensive or can’t be done—we love a challenge

We maintain, modify, fix, verify and convert data from:

  • Oracle,
  • Sybase,
  • SQL Server,
  • MySQL,
  • Access,
  • DB2,
  • Btrieve,

and many other proprietary formats.

We fix database integrity issues. We provide expertise for robust database validation and we rescue data. Even if you don’t know what the database technology is, we can probably help.

We develop, maintain and migrate data and databases in industries as diverse as:

  • a national sport’s membership, competition and ranking databases,
  • industrial manufacturing,
  • medical databases, including highly confidential records,
  • arts and entertainment management,
  • estate agency,
  • recruitment agencies,
  • security and video surveillance (huge data volumes!).

Don’t be stuck with an expensive legacy database, just because the vendor says the data can’t be exported to your preferred supplier. We specialise in building web-enabled applications, and data exchange using modern XML-based techniques.

If you can’t get at your data, because someone else tells you, “it can’t be done,” perhaps you should talk to us instead!

See what we can do for you today!

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