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Having robust IT solutions in place, for prevention and recovery from potential threats, should be a priority. Disruptions to your business can result in loss of data, sales and also your reputation.

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What is classed as a disaster?

Disasters fall into two broad categories:

  • Natural or external events, such as floods, hurricanes, lightning strikes, etc.
  • Man-made issues, such as disastrous IT bugs, infrastructure failure, virus infections, hacking, etc.

Why is disaster recovery so important?

According to research, every pound spent on risk reduction (such as creating a disaster recovery plan) saves four pounds in response and recovery costs.

Based on 2015 statistics, just 1 hour of downtime can cost SMEs £6,000 rising to £55,000 for medium organisations and £525,000 for large enterprises. Not only that, 43% of businesses that suffer a major loss of data never reopen and 29% close within two years.

This all makes investment in disaster recovery a very sensible investment to ensure that, in a worst case scenario, you will be able to get back up and running very quickly.


How can Bristol IT help?

We will work with you and your IT team (if you have one) to:

  • Make sure that your IT infrastructure is as resilient as possible,
  • Develop your disaster recovery plan (DRP),
  • Put monitoring in place to notify of potential problems before they become an issue,
  • Put the DRP in to action to restore your IT systems and infrastructure as quickly as possible should a disaster happen.

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