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Remote Monitoring & Management Tool

We recently wrote an article titled “Taking Managed IT to the Next Level” where we discussed a high level overview of the new Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool that we’ve embraced in order to provide endpoint monitoring across our customers’ entire estate.

This page contains further information and screenshots of what you can expect if you purchase the service from Bristol IT. We offer RMM as part of our Managed IT service, but that doesn’t stop you from purchasing it separately on a per-device basis. In addition RMM’s out-of-the-box features, we’re able to offer consultation on setting up custom scripts/plugins to other applications in order to get the setup working exactly how you need it.

RMM as part of your Managed IT Service

If you choose to adopt RMM as part of our Managed IT service we configure and look after your entire IT infrastructure and use the following RMM features:

  • Batch Deployment via Group Policy and inTune – no need to go around each machine installing the software as it can be automated- also ensuring that no machines are missed.
  • Patch Management – both Windows and supported 3rd Party Applications
  • Device Inventory – specifications and software inventory
  • Antivirus and Firewall status – including antivirus definition update status
  • Mass Application Rollout – rapidly deploy applications to multiple workstations
  • Remote Control/Support – RMM allows us to remotely assist you with troubleshooting by taking over your session, but it also lets us schedule jobs to run in the background as well as collect diagnostic information without interrupting users.
  • Automated monitoring of critical parameters – tickets are automatically raised on our system if one of your devices suffers a critical issue. This lets us know about it often before users even realise.
  • Ticket raising from within the app – automatically capturing key system information
  • “Quick Jobs” – tasks that are commonly done as part of troubleshooting can be executed at the click of the button, reducing the time a technician needs to spend on your machine.
  • Reporting
    • In your service reviews, your Account Manager will show you a report that demonstrates the current health of your IT infrastructure
    • Customised reports can be made to help satisfy requirements such as Cyber Essentials or ISO 27001.

RMM as a standalone service

While included in our Managed IT offering, there is also a good rationale for using RMM even if you’re not on this service. This is especially true when you have an onsite IT presence or even an in-house IT team.

The following additional features are included under the same per-device license, but may only be of interest if you’re not using the Managed IT service

  • Your own login(s) to the system
  • Full access to all aspects of the system
  • Remote Control of users’ machines using RMM instead of having to pay for a separate piece of software such as TeamViewer
  • Run customised reports that display information that you need to show to stakeholders/management in order to get sign-off for IT budget
  • If using the Taskfire addition
    • You will receive snapshots of machine information when users log tickets directly from the app in your tickets
    • Tickets for critical monitoring events can also be passed directly to your Taskfire queue
    • Tickets that are currently assigned to the machine you’re on are shown in the tickets section of the app

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