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0117 370 0777 | Client Portal |

At Bristol IT Company we use Datto Autotask PSA as our helpdesk ticketing system. One of the benefits of Autotask PSA is that customers can share helpdesk functions between their internal team (or resource) and the Bristol IT team.

Datto Autotask PSA includes a Client Portal that allows users to login and view, update, create and close their own tickets. This means that instead of having email chains clogging up your inbox, you now have a single pane view of all of your previous support tickets.

An extension to this allows for you as a customer to triage/vet tickets before passing to Bristol IT for processing/escalation. This function is called Taskfire and is a paid license that gives you unlimited logins to your own local ‘mini’ service desk.

Taskfire is also able to operate in conjunction with Datto RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management). This provides two additional benefits: 

  • Tickets due to issues on machines are automatically logged and can be brought to your attention often before the user will notice. They will end up directly in your Taskfire queue. 
  • Users are also able to have a ‘loginless’ method of logging tickets directly from their PC. When users log a ticket they can instantly take a screenshot and upload it along with the details of the problem. A snapshot of the currently running processes is also automatically taken and written into the ticket.

Taskfire Features

  • Administrator or basic resource permissions (allowing for an IT Manager, and technicians)
  • Queue management in-house – allowing triage prior to passing to Bristol IT
  • Seamless escalation to Bristol IT when onsite resources are unable to assist
  • Out of Office mode – tickets are automatically transferred to Bristol IT
  • Track the amount of time your in-house resources use on each ticket
  • Can also be used passively to just monitor overall tickets, and act as ‘remote hands’ for Bristol IT instead of being the first line responders. (i.e. Bristol IT perform triage and pass tickets back to onsite presence)
  • If you routinely need to make similar types of requests – i.e. new users, these can be templated 
  • If you only have a part-time onsite IT technician, Taskfire can be configured to auto-escalate outside of their normal working hours
  • Create a knowledgebase that is visible to client portal users, Taskfire users and Bristol IT Company that allows easy sharing of information/processes in a centralised location
  • If the RMM product is taken, visibility of current patch state in the same ‘pane of glass’
  • RMM product also gives a separate login to the full RMM portal for your company.
  • Client Portal / Taskfire can be branded with your logo. Unfortunately at this point in time the RMM agent cannot be branded with your logo.

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