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What is Virtualisation and why do it?

If you’ve ever run a Windows program on an Apple Mac, you will have been using a “virtual” machine, or something very similar.

The program you run thinks it’s on a Windows machine, and everything behaves exactly like a Windows machine too. Actually, the computer is doing both Windows and Apple tasks simultaneously. Server virtualisation is simply several servers, running on the same physical machine.

At a server level, virtualisation offers many advantages:

  • Several ordinary servers can be replaced by one single machine with several virtual servers on it. This saves power, hardware costs, and in many cases significantly improves performance, too.
  • Backup and data protection are faster and more easily managed than with several physical servers
  • Adding capacity doesn’t mean buying new machines, it’s usually enough just to add more memory and storage, meaning more savings in the future.

Our VMWare expertise

VMWare is the industry-leading virtualisation technology, for PC-based server hardware. We have been deploying VMWare installations for many years now, with many different clients, all with great success.
Our process is very simple and efficient: we’ll build your new virtual servers and migrate your data across to them, without interrupting your work at all. When everything is fully tested (and the new backups are also fully tested), we’ll switch you over. There are no interruptions and no downtime at all. We will help you choose the best architecture for you: virtual servers on-site, or cloud-based, or a mixture of both. It all depends on your needs.

Virtualised backup and data protection

We recommend industry-leading Veeam backup products to protect virtual assets. Veeam’s technology includes the ability to have servers on continuous standby, either at your site or in our own protected datacentre. In the unlikely event of a failure, the switchover is automatic and can be unnoticeable.

Microsoft’s Hyper-V

Hyper-V supports up to 8,000 active virtual machines per node and can be invaluable in a larger enterprise. So if your datacentre is wholly Microsoft, we can help. Our support teams include MCSE professionals, fully qualified to install and support Hyper‑V installations. We also support Microsoft Hyper‑V Server releases, including Hyper‑V Server 2012 R2.

managed it

Part of our Managed IT Service

Virtualisation is packaged in to our Managed IT offering where clients hire us as their fully outsourced IT department to monitor, support and develop their entire IT infrastructure.

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