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Antivirus, often referred to as Endpoint Protection, protects your devices against security threats by preventing, detecting and removing malware.


Sophos Intercept X

We recommend Sophos Intercept X to all of our customers. Sophos Intercept X provides advanced endpoint protection using AI and deep learning techniques.

Key features

  • Defeats the most complex malware, known and unknown
  • Blocks exploit techniques to deny hackers getting in. Rather than examining millions of malware samples, Intercept X focuses on over 25 techniques attackers rely on to spread malware, steal credential and escape detection.
  • World’s best anti-ransomware protection using CryptoGuard Technology. When any malicious encryption is attempted, CryptoGuard stops it in its tracks.
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Synchronised Security

Intercept X can work together with your other Sophos security products including Sophos XG Firewall to provide cybersecurity as a system.

  • 100% Application visibility – Identify all unknown applications on the network
  • Monitor Health and Threats – Instantly identify compromised hosts
  • Automatic Threat Isolation – Stop breaches and isolate infected endpoints instantly.

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