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Software extensions and integrations enhance your applications to enable them to work effectively for your business. By adding new functionality or streamlining processes our developers can create solutions to increase your productivity.

software extensions

Software Extensions

Depending on the level of extensibility enabled by the base application, software extensions can be used to reshape existing behaviour or introduce completely new functionality to the application. This is often best accommodated in widely available, general purpose business software – for example, productivity suites like Microsoft Office. Extensions can be developed for those applications to introduce domain-specific functionality tightly bound to the client’s exact needs.

software integrations

Software Integrations

Software Integration takes the software extension principle a step further to provide interactions between multiple pieces of software to improve their overall usage patterns.  Most commonly these take the form of automated (or semi-automated) processes that take an output from one application, perform transformations on the data then automatically feed it as an input to another application. This can result in dramatic efficiency improvements where laborious, repetitive actions no longer require manual involvement to complete.

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