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Bristol IT Company web services have rebranded as Zeus Digital:zeus digital

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Website Design and Development

Many people confuse website design and website development. Design is all about making the site look good and work in a way that guides visitors to your site to take the action you want them to take. Development is the work required to turn the design in to a functioning website.

WordPress seems to be taking over the Internet. It’s the most popular content management system by far, and part of its success is down to cost (it’s free to use) and the relative simplicity, making it quite easy for business owners to keep their websites up-to date. But it’s not suitable for all websites and it can be quite difficult to design and build a site that stands out from other WordPress websites on the internet.

At Bristol IT Company, our in-house team of developers work with WordPress, Joomla and a range of other Content Management Systems to offer a specialist design and development service for websites and other online graphic applications. We have considerable experience in interface design, front end applications, enterprise database management systems and e-commerce. We will work with you to understand the business goals for your website and develop a site that meets those needs, and which can grow with you, too.

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