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Web Hosting

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the “warehouse” where your website is stored so that people all around the world can access it when they need to.

How to choose a web host

There are thousands of web hosts to choose from, with a wide variation in costs, and based in many different places around the world. Given that your website is your business’ only shop front, and possibly even replacing commercial premises or a team of sales reps, it has to work commercially for you. “Cost-effective” is good, but beware of offers of free hosting, just as you would a free lunch!

To start filtering your options, if your business is focused on the UK then you are better off choosing a UK-based web host. Although this might be a little more expensive than one based elsewhere, it will keep Google happy and should ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you are targeting an export market then you should look for a host with fast links to the countries that you are targeting.

From there, it’s really down to your web developer, he may need a particular technology or set of services to make sure that the website he’s designed for you works as it should.

Other considerations

Your web host should regularly backup your website AND have a backup hosting option, too. This will ensure that your website stays running even if the main server that’s hosting your site crashes. Your host should automatically and seamlessly switch over to the backup server, with no interruption to service.

It is also helpful, if not essential, that they have support available at the end of the phone, so that you can quickly talk to a knowledgeable human in the event of any problems.

Bristol IT Company hosts Linux servers in our own datacentres. These give maximum control over reliability and enable us to respond extremely quickly should there be any issues. We can additionally provide public cloud solutions for sites with unusual requirements.

Sites we host are fully monitored in real time, protected from known hacking exploits, and fully backed-up.

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