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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is it?

Most of us use a search engine (typically Google) when looking for goods and services online. Search engine optimisation is the discipline of making your website “search engine-friendly”. The goal is to get your website to appear in the top of the first page of Google’s search results. It sounds easy and it’s not rocket science but it does need research, patience and persistence.

It all starts with understanding the words and phrases that your customers are using when they are looking for the services you provide or the products you sell. The expert part of the process includes tuning all aspects of the site – the words, the technical background stuff, and even the images—so that each page matches what customers are searching for, i.e. optimising the site for search engines.

Why do you need SEO?

Around fifty-eight million people in the UK use the web. About 80% of them use search engines to find what they are looking for and about 95% of those people choose Google. Of that group (more than forty-two million people in the UK alone), only half look beyond the first page of results. A mere 10% look at the third page or beyond.

This is why your website must be on page one of a Google search, ideally at the very top! SEO maximises the chances of it getting there.

What we do

Our SEO experts understand how Google’s system works and the things it looks for on a website. Some are technical, some relate to the content of the site and the way you present it.

We carefully analyse your target market and how those people are using the internet. We then make the necessary changes to your website to ensure Google can automatically understand what your business does, so that it can match that to people searching for products or services exactly like yours. This will automatically move your website higher in the search results pages.

You won’t see an immediate effect. It takes time for Google to alter a site’s ranking, and it also depends on what your competitors are doing, too. But over time, if it has been properly optimised, your site should gain prominence. More people specifically looking for what you offer will find it, and thus should also become your customers.

But don’t forget: If you’re not visible in search results, nobody knows you’re here!

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